House of Marley Solo: What Makes it Comparable to Sonos One

House of Marley Solo

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You might not have heard about the House of Marley. Well, as the name suggests, it is a company that was created in collaboration with the actual family of Bob Marley. 

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And it is unlike most other audio brands in the industry at the moment. The thing that sets House of Marley apart is that they are eco-conscious. 

And after releasing the Liberate Air and Rebel earbuds, the brand is here with Solo. Although Liberate Air did not go exactly as planned, the Get Together Solo is surely something that you need to know about.

House of Marley Solo
Source: House of Marley

Basically, it is the first-ever signature speaker from the House of Marley. But it is not like any other portable speaker on the market, loads of things make it stand out. 

First of all, the speaker comes with a large-capacity battery. Thanks to that, it can offer up to 25 hours of playtime.

Secondly, it has a two-way design – it boasts 0.75-inch and 3.5-inch drivers. Although the speaker configuration might not look good on paper, its sound performance is pretty much up to the mark.

Other than that, there are tons of connectivity options. There is Bluetooth 5.1, which will offer a stable wireless connection. And for wired connection, you have the AUX and RCA ports.

Finally, House of Marley took sustainability to the next level with the Get Together Solo. One of the construction materials is the REWIND fabric, which is a balanced blend of 30 percent reclaimed hemp, 40 percent recycled plastic bottles, and 30 percent reclaimed organic cotton. 

House of Marley Solo
Source: House of Marley

It is a fabric that is directly from the House of Marley. The other sustainable material is bamboo. So, overall, the Get Together Solo is one of the greenest speakers that you can get your hands on. 

You will not be disappointed with the overall design of the speakers either. It has a classy look and will blend easily in any setup.

Now, the real question is how does it compare to the Sonos One? In terms of sustainable building, there is no competition. Besides that, the overall specifications do seem promising. 

House of Marley Solo
Source: House of Marley

Not to mention that the speakers from the House of Marley come at a much more affordable price point.

So, if you have been eyeing the Sonos One but want something more affordable or eco-friendly, the Get Together Solo is the one for you! 

And as the Black Friday deals are on their way, you can even get the speakers at a much better price if you wait a little longer. That will increase the value proposition significantly.

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