Jabra Perform 45: Is this the Wireless Headset that the Frontline Workers Have Been Asking for?

Jabra Perform 45

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Jabra is launching a new product series, which goes by the name of Perform. And it is unlike any other product series the brand has at the moment. Instead, it is more focused on offering high-performance headsets for frontline workers.

The first product of the new series is the Perform 45. Jabra introduced it by aiming to digitally transform frontline workers. 

According to research, there are many frontline workers that feel like they do not have the right technology to carry out their work effectively.

Jabra Perform 45
Source: Jabra

The research also mentioned that the workers do not have the right access to information to do their job at the right pace. That is where Jabra decided to step up its game with the Perform 45.

At its core, the Perform 45 is a discreet Bluetooth mono headset that comes with a push-to-talk button. With the device, Jabra plans to make it easier for frontline workers to connect with other colleagues instantaneously. 

As a result, it will be better for them to make faster and more well-informed decisions. Now, when the frontline workers have that ability, they will be capable of increasing their productivity and enhancing overall customer satisfaction.

Jabra Perform 45
Perform 45; Source: Jabra

That said, the main highlight of the Perform 45 is the push-to-talk button. It is intuitively placed at the correct location and offers minimal button interactions. Thanks to that, the frontline workers will be able to connect with others pretty much instantaneously.

The button also works with leading platforms such as Zebra Workforce Connect and Microsoft Teams Walkie Talkie right out of the box. And with the Jabra SKD, it will be possible to make easy integration with other business platforms.

However, none of the features will make much of an impact if the communication is not clear. Well, Jabra has put a good amount of effort into that. 

Jabra Perform 45
Source: Jabra

The Perform 45 comes with an advanced ultra-noise-canceling microphone. It removes up to 80 percent of background noises.

Therefore, the frontline workers will not face any issues trying to get key information from their colleagues. 

The speaker on the Perform 45 is also optimized for maximum speech clarity. It will enable the users to communicate smoothly and with no interruptions.

Jabra Perform 45
Source: Jabra

Furthermore, the Perform 45 comes with a Face2Face feature. It ensures that the customers always get the full attention of the frontline workers. And it is quite easy to activate the feature as well.

Other than that, Jabra prioritized a lot on the overall design. The jobs of the frontline workers demand them to wear headsets for a prolonged time. But with the Perform 45, there will be no need to worry about comfort. It features a lightweight and all-day-use design.

Overall, Perform 45 will not make the frontline workers ask for more from their headsets. Instead, it will amp up their productivity and allow them to reach the right level of customer satisfaction.

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