How to Connect Airpods to Apple TV?[Quick Guide]

how to connect airpods to apple tv

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The Apple TV can broadcast audio straight to your AirPods, AirPods Pro, or AirPods Max wireless headphones, enabling you to watch films, play games, and more. Let’s learn how to connect AirPods to Apple TV.

Why won’t my Apple TV connect to my AirPods?

how to connect airpods to apple tv

If Apple TV is unable to locate your AirPods, it might be because you did not pair them properly. To correct this, do the following:

  • Insert the AirPods into the case, open it, then push and hold the Pairing button until the status light begins to blink white.
  • Navigate to Settings > Remotes & Devices > Bluetooth on Apple TV.

Now, select AirPods from the list.

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How To Connect AirPods To Apple TV?

The following instructions are for you if you want to know how to connect AirPods to Apple TV:

As with every AirPods pairing, begin by placing your AirPods in their case if they are not already there, and ensuring that they are not presently attached to any other devices.

Locate and click the famous silver gears symbol in the app loader on your Apple TV’s home screen using your Apple Remote.

After clicking or tapping through, locate the Bluetooth option in the Other Devices section – it should be just under the Remote options.

Under My Devices, you’ll notice any AirPods within the range already linked to the Apple TV and a section below that reads Other Devices.

Flip open the case’s cover and/or insert your AirPods into your ears, and then push the backside button until the light on the front begins flashing white.

Your AirPods should show in the Other Devices area after a few seconds. Select them using the Remote, and they should appear in the My Devices area with the status “Connected.”

If you haven’t already, insert them into your ears and you should hear the usual relaxing chime indicating that everything went according to plan.

How To Connect Two AirPods To Apple TV?

Connect your Apple TV to your AirPods. Tap the AirPlay symbol in the Control Center, the Lock screen, or even the app you’re currently listening to.

Select Share Audio. If the person with whom you’re sharing audio has AirPods, just place them inside their case with the lid open and close to your smartphone. If your buddy has Beats wireless headphones, connect them with your smartphone by placing them in pairing mode and holding them close to your device.

Tap Share Audio when the second set of headphones appears on your screen.

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How Many Airpods Can Connect To Apple Tv?

Sharing audio from a single iPhone to numerous AirPods is a simple process that works with every AirPods model. However, the number of AirPods that may be connected to your Apple TV is limited. You can’t connect with more than two pairs of AirPods.


When AirPods are used with Apple products like the Apple TV and Macs, they provide the most capabilities and usefulness. Just learn how to connect AirPods to Apple TV properly.

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