iOS 16 for Apple Music: Three New Upgrades to Die for!

iOS 16 for Apple Music

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Apple thrives on delivering entertainment backed by innovation and quality to its valued customers. If you are a music lover, get ready to be impressed with its new offering, iOS 16.

The first change to notice in iOS 16 is the built-in music player itself. Well, the player now allows you to commonly use it on some of the best streaming platforms like Spotify, YouTube, and others, besides Apple Music.

Also, enjoying an expandable screen via its home screen widgets is quite possible now. The full-screen experience gives iOS 16 a new makeover. It allows viewing the album covers via full-screen mode. 

iOS 16 for Apple Music
Source: Apple

Plus, experience the “Add to Library or Playlist”, “Like or Dislike”, or “Full Album View” options also. Another adjustment to Apple Music presented by iOS 16 is the volume Heads Up Display (HUD). It helps to access the full-screen view. 

This tweak lets volume adjustments at ease as the volume slider covers the whole track playback bar. Also, the volume bar enlarges and lights up on up-down movement, allowing music lovers to use it at ease.

The volume HUD tweak feels like a game-changer as many platforms don’t allow this level of smoothness. But with Apple Music, you can control the narrative of the loudness of the music. A much-wanted change, right?

iOS 16 for Apple Music
Source: Jumpstory

Besides, Apple Music on iOS 16 lets sorting the playlist at will! Audiophiles can now enjoy setting up playlists according to Title, Artist, Album, and Release Date options. 

It can be done by clicking on the three dots button on the Apple Music Playlist view. And yes, going back to the default order of the playlist is possible any time as well!

Letting users organize playlists willingly establishes Apple’s commitment to quality with innovation. This is an important update because it breaks the barrier of “first track added at the top, last track added at the bottom” cliché of Apple Music playlist views. 

iOS 16 for Apple Music
Source: Jumpstory

It saves time and motivates you to enjoy music without much hassle and fuss. These tweaks by iOS 16 add to the landscape-changing personalized Spatial Audio feature

As informed by Apple, personalized Spatial Audio truly changes the game by customizing the audio setup of the earphones by adjusting according to the shape of your ears. This is done by using the iPhone’s 3D sensors and Face ID system.

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