Jabra x Lenovo: A Collab for Better Collaborations

Jabra x Lenovo

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Jabra, the Danish Audio Equipment brand, is pairing up with Lenovo, the brand that is well-known for its laptops. However, the collab is not for an audio device. Instead, it is for a seamless and easy-to-use meeting room system that is powered by Microsoft Teams Rooms.

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Jabra PanaCast 50

Jabra PanaCast 50 is engineered to be the first new-normal-ready intelligent video bar. With three 13 MP cameras, 8 microphones, and real-time video stitching, users can choose between 90-, 120-, 140- and 180-degree field of view.

At its core, the system is a modular room kit. And the purpose of this room kit is to offer companies the ability to upgrade their meeting room technology for something that will make hybrid working a smooth process. 

It aims to enhance business productivity and make collaboration in hybrid workplaces feel like a piece of cake.

Jabra x Lenovo
Source: Jabra

That said, such type of meeting room technology is a first from Jabra. And the plug-and-play room system is fully certified for Teams Rooms software. In fact, it is pre-loaded with Microsoft Teams Rooms.

So, what are Jabra and Lenovo bringing to the table with the collab? Well, from Jabra, the system is getting the PanaCast 50. And from Lenovo, the system gets the ThinkSmart Core Kit

First of all, the PanaCast 50 offers an innovative 180 degrees Panoramic view in 4K. And the video that the PanaCast 50 offers works seamlessly with the front row layout of Microsoft Teams Rooms. It will make hybrid meetings more engaging and inclusive.

Jabra x Lenovo
Source: Jabra

On the other hand, the ThinkSmart Core Kit from Lenovo will offer ThinkSmart Controller and ThinkSmart Core. The kit also comes with an HD display that has 10-point touch capabilities. 

It will even allow the users to control and initiate meetings without needing to go through any hassles at all. Also, you can share work and content with your colleagues with the display. That will make remote working more fun and hassle-free.

The SVP of Intelligent Vision Systems at Jabra Aurangzeb Khan stated, “The typical meeting is not what it used to be, and it’s time for meeting room technology to catch up.” 

He further stated, “We’re delighted to unite the PanaCast 50’s unique capabilities with Lenovo’s innovative solutions to equip offices with solutions to foster inclusive and interactive meetings for everyone, regardless of where they are. 

Jabra x Lenovo
Source: Jabra

The system works at the touch of a button and can connect employees seamlessly whether they’re in-person or connecting from home.”

That said, the product bundle will come with everything that you will need to set up Teams Room. And as the Panoramic view of the PanaCast will let you fit a lot of people in the frame, you will not need to worry about the meeting room setup either. 

Also, the ThinkSmart Core from Lenovo has a powerful 11th Gen Intel Core vPro processor. It even has tons of connectivity support to let you set up the meeting room config easily.

Jabra PanaCast 50 – Intelligent 180° Panoramic-4K Meeting Room Video Camera – Inclusive Video Conferencing Camera with Full Room Coverage, Easy to Set-Up Wide Angle Webcam with Microphones - Black
Jabra PanaCast 50

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