Cyrus Audio has Launched a New Classic Series of HiFi Separates

Cyrus Audio has Launched a New Classic Series of HiFi Separates

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The original Classic range of HiFI separates received quite an amount of attention after launching. It seems like Cyrus Audio was not done with the series. How so? They have decided to launch new and improved versions.

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Two of the products from the new Classic range, the Classic PRE preamplifier, and Classic AMP integrated amplifier, are already out. And the fans of the brand love every bit of the products!

The main highlight of the new series is that they have the same chassis as the originals. In other words, the very familiar half-width body with all of the aesthetics is the same for the products. 

Cyrus Audio has Launched a New Classic Series of HiFi Separates
Source: Cyrus Audio

You should note that the Classic series of Cyrus Audio has been here for about 40 years. And keeping the same look as the original devices is a bold yet conscious decision from the brand.

However, just because the outside is the same, it does not mean that the story is the same on the inside. The modifications are on the inside. And even though you might not be capable of seeing the changes, you will most definitely be capable of hearing them.

The “new and improved” Classic series utilizes all of the knowledge that Cyrus Audio has gained from the step-up XR and premium range. Both of them launched last year. 

Cyrus Audio has Launched a New Classic Series of HiFi Separates
Source: Cyrus Audio

And in both the Classic PRE and Classic AMP, the brand has redesigned the entire circuit. That includes a new layout and upgraded internal components.

All the changes will result in better overall sound improvements, which is the most crucial factor of the series. Cyrus Audio also stated that they are aiming for longevity with this new range. 

Both new products are upgrades to the devices that have been in the company’s range for over a decade. So, you can understand the value that these hold for the brand.

Also, Cyrus Audio has emphasized the power supply unit of both devices. The Classic AMP can deliver a claimed 91 watts to each channel into 6 Ohms. 

Cyrus Audio has Launched a New Classic Series of HiFi Separates
Source: Cyrus Audio

It features a 304VA toroidal power transformer that can provide power to the high-capacity power supply reserve. There is an electrically separated power supply on the preamplifier power supply.

On the other hand, the Classic PRE features a power supply with 74VA toroidal power transformer. It has eleven different power supply regulators, which first regulate and then sub-regulate the power.

Furthermore, the digital control circuits of both devices are assigned to a separate main power supply. The mains keeps the signal circuitry isolated. There are a good amount of ports available in the devices as well.

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