Nothing Speaker: Leak Shows an Amazing Design

Nothing Speaker

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You may know Nothing from its recently debuted phone, the Phone (1). It took the world by surprise by showcasing how incredible phones can look. 

And it seems like the brand is not stopping with phones. At the Mobile World Congress, Carl Pei announced that something new is coming from the brand. 

And by that, Pei was probably suggesting the Nothing Speaker. With the new leak, the speculation has just been confirmed. 

Nothing Speaker
Source: Twitter

The following accessory from Nothing will indeed be a speaker. And from what the render leak shows, the speaker is sticking to the company’s roots. 

That is, the unit comes with a design that sets it highly apart from the rest. The leak also comes from Kuba Wojciechowski, a known name in the leak world. 

You can expect the render leak to be an early tidbit of what the Nothing Speaker will look like. That said, when it comes to the speaker, it utilizes the same colors present in the current lineup of Nothing. 

Nothing Speaker
Ear (1); Source: Nothing

It uses black, white, gray, and red uniquely. But the color combination is not the only thing that makes it look so great.

The Nothing Speaker features a unique design too. It is leaning a lot toward being boxy, which we see very rarely in the current market offerings. 

Also, the renders of the speaker suggest that there will be physical switches on the right and left edges. But interestingly, the buttons do not stick out from the overall design.

Nothing Speaker
Phone (1); Source: Nothing

In addition, the Nothing Speaker render leak suggests that there will be a whole array of speakers instead of just one. 

That indicates each of the speaker units will be covering each range of frequencies. In other words, there will be dedicated speakers for lows, highs, and mids.

But the most exciting part about the Nothing Speaker leak is the small circular element. It is on the speaker’s top area, boasting the Nothing logo. 

Nothing Speaker
Ear (stick); Source: Nothing

While it appears to be a static piece, it does not have the whole logo. That indicates that the top part might be some sort of digital display.

The render leak of Nothing Speaker has also got fans wondering whether the unit will be a simple Bluetooth speaker or something much more advanced. 

It could be a smart speaker from Nothing and of course, nothing is confirmed at this stage. And as Carl Pei suggested, if the speaker is debuting next month, we don’t need to do much waiting to find more info about it. Also, more leaks might arrive before Nothing officially announces it.

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