Meet the OLED EX: LG’s Answer to Samsungs QD-OLED

OLED EX: LG's Answer to Samsungs QD-OLED

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The display industry never stops innovating. We have seen it coming from CRT to Quantum Dot OLED. All of these happened in a pretty short time.

Now, it seems like the older versions are in line to get some love. And it is a piece of great news for all.

Basically, if you purchase a brand new OLED TV now, there is a high chance that the panel will be an EX version. 

OLED EX: LG's Answer to Samsungs QD-OLED
Source: LG

LG Display, the display giant that manufactures TV panels for all the big brands such as Hisense, Sony, and Panasonic, has made the shift to this version. And this means LG Display might not ship the regular version any more.

But what is the difference between the EX and the regular version? Well, in comparison, the OLED EX screens offer better brightness. 

To be exact, the EX panels are 30 percent brighter than the standard version. And if you have been following TV trends, you might already know that brightness has always been OLEDs’ most significant selling point. 

OLED EX: LG's Answer to Samsungs QD-OLED
Source: LG

LCDs struggle a lot in this department, which is why they lost a lot of popularity. Furthermore, the upgraded version is more stable and efficient than the regular version. 

And that will eventually improve the picture quality. LG Display managed to do it by utilizing “personal algorithms” and combining deuterium compounds.

So, which TVs are utilizing the OLED EX panel? LG Display is the prime supplier of more than 20 different TV brands. And you can expect to see the EX version on the TVs from Vizio, Phillips, Sony, Hisense, and, most importantly, LG

OLED EX: LG's Answer to Samsungs QD-OLED
Source: LG

Most might not refer to the panel as OLED EX, but the panel will indeed be the EX version instead of the regular.

However, you are not guaranteed to find the EX version of the panel in every OLED TV out there. Most of the current available TV have the regular version, as LG Display did not make a complete switch only in the second quarter of this year. 

Also, many cheap or affordable TVs might not boast this technology. Moreover, there are many TV out there that do not use panels from LG Display

OLED EX: LG's Answer to Samsungs QD-OLED
Source: LG

That includes the Samsung S95B and Sony A95K. Both of these use the QD-OLED displays from Samsung. And at its core, the QD-OLED is basically an alternative to the OLED EX.

There is no information on whether one of them is better than the other. So, if you are wondering whether QD-OLED will be a better choice, you should wait and let the new panels get into action.

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