Will Philips QD-OLED TV be a Thing?

Philips QD-OLED TV

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The Dutch company, Philips, has officially announced that it is considering to venture into the QD-OLED market. And if the brand has already started working on it, it will be one of the third brands adopting this display technology.

However, Samsung still has the lead, as it is the pioneer of the QD-OLED technology. With this TV screen, Samsung is basically aiming to combine the color vibrancy and brightness capability of the Quantum dots with the contrast found on OLED screens.

And the good news is that Samsung did deliver its promise with the technology. For example, the Samsung S95B and the Sony A95K have been getting a lot of praise for their picture quality.

Philips QD-OLED TV
7000 Series; Source: Philips

That said, even though Samsung brought out the QD-OLED, it was not the first to introduce the technology to the masses. Sony took that responsibility and debuted the A95K.

But how certain is Philips in stepping into this new TV technology? Well, according to the director of product strategy and planning of TP Vision (parent company of Philips), Danny Tack, “We are also exploring the quantum dot OLED panel from Samsung.”

During the interview with the HDTV Test, he further stated, “We also have prototypes in-house in Ghent in our innovation centre, and we are comparing both with each other looking through strengths and weaknesses.”

Philips QD-OLED TV
4700 Series; Source: Philips

But, there is no guarantee that Philips will launch a QD-OLED TV in the market. In the interview, he stated that the final decision would be made later. 

And you need to consider the fact that the brand is planning to unveil its new lineup of TV in February 2023.

Another thing to note is that the brand is already selling QD-OLED gaming monitors. That means QD-OLED is not exactly uncharted territory for the brand.

Philips QD-OLED TV
5000 Series; Source: Philips

Danny Tack has also suggested that the new OLED TV lineup of Philips will deliver higher brightness, which, as you know by now, is a selling point of QD-OLED screens.

But this statement also suggests that the brand might implement other means to provide brighter TVs if it opts out of the Samsung QD-OLED technology. Though, how well that solution will compete with the QD-OLED is questionable.

Nonetheless, all the early adopters are hoping that Philips does not back out. The new TVs with QD-OLED will surely bring some new propositions to the party. 

Philips QD-OLED TV
7000 Series; Source: Philips

And if the brand manages to combine QD-OLED and Ambilight perfectly, it will definitely be a step up for the brand.

Still, you will need to wait for further announcements to be sure whether the market will indeed see QD-OLED TVs from Philips or not.

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