Octavio Launches the Much Awaited Compact Yet Highly Powerful AMP: Octavio AMP

Octavio AMP

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The French audio brand, Octavio, showed the world their new streamer, the Octavio Streamer, back in April. The streamer offers a great level of performance for the form factor that it sports.

Now, the brand is making another inclusion to their compact yet potent audio device lineup: the Octavio AMP.

According to Octavio, the Octavio AMP is here “to bridge the gap between yesterday’s and tomorrow’s music.” And considering the tech it boasts, it seems like the amp will not skimp one bit in terms of delivering that promise. 

Octavio AMP
Source: Octavio

Firstly, the Octavio Amp has all the ports you will need – that includes the ports for optical, RCA, CD Players, and subwoofers with TVs and subwoofers for the turntables, There is a USB port present as well. That will enable you to smoothly playback media through local storage. 

You will also find Octavio’s own Sound Filter technology in the Octavio AMP. That filter will analyze the audio signal at the input and then compare it with the output signal. 

As the filter does all of the analysis before the Octavio AMP sends the signal to the speakers, it does a proper job of removing potential disturbance or noise in the signal.

The Octavio AMP also has a WiFi Network chip plus an ethernet port. It even has Bluetooth, enabling you to set up a multiroom system without going through any hassles. 

Octavio AMP
Source: Octavio

Thanks to the internet access, it will be possible to set the multiroom setup with Spotify, Tidal, and QoBuz. The AMP also supports Spotify Connect, Airplay 2, and Tidal Connect. And if you want to, you can operate the AMP with the Octavio Virtuoso mobile app.

Furthermore, as the WiFi chip supports both 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz networks, the internet connection will be pretty smooth. And the same thing applies to the Bluetooth chip as it is a Bluetooth 5.0 chip.

When it comes to the power department, the Octavio AMP has 2 x 65 watts (4 Ohms) of power. It even bundles with an external power supply, which will give you a lot of flexibility. 

Octavio AMP
Source: Octavio

And if you think that the power level is insufficient, you can choose the more powerful power supply option. That will double the power output of the AMP.

Although the form factor is pretty compact, Octavio integrated a powerful processor and audio chip inside. The Octavio AMP features an ARM Cortex A7, which is clocked at 1.2 GHz, and Allwinner R328. This audio chip is designed for connected audio from the ground up.

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