OneOdio Monitor 60 Headphones Review – Too Big or Just Right?

OneOdio Monitor 60 Headphones on mans head in sunshine

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Release Date
August 26, 2021
10.9 oz
8.66 x 7.09 x 4.53 in

Do I look fat in these headphones?

When the team at OneOdio contacted me about the Monitor 60 headphones and asked if I’d check them out, I was only too keen. I’m always really excited about trying affordable headphones that allow people to access good sound.

Wherever possible, I get excited about the thought that even if your budget isn’t enormous, you can still get a good sound experience from a set of headphones.

The OneOdio Monitor 80 have always impressed me also as have the new for 2022 OneOdio A10.

The OneOdio Monitor 60 headphones are a little bit more expensive than a lot of the rest of the OneOdio range.

And if I’m honest, I’ve always been a little skeptical about the quality that they must produce at that price. I’ve seen thousands of reviews claiming how wonderful they were but as an audiophile, it’s in our nature to go in slightly skeptical when reviewing.

Editor’s Pick

OneOdio Monitor 60 Headphones

A budget but decent sounding headphone that might not be perfect for mastering but decent for mixing.

Price Range: $
Brand: OneOdio
OneOdio Monitor 60 Headphones headband view


The OneOdio Monitor 60 Headphones are an impressive unit for the price. While the slight V shaped nature of the sound tuning isn’t perfect for a neutral mixing session the overall sound for listening is really great. The earcups are comfortable and offer many different swivel options if you want ot use them for DJ work. Overall, an impressive sound with an impressive range of accessories included.

The Specs

  • Connectivity Technology:  Wired
  • Speaker:  50mm
  • Impedance:  38Ω
  • Sensitivity:  110dB±3dB
  • Frequency Response:  20Hz-40KHz
  • Plug Type:  3.5mm/6.35mm stereo
  • Earcup Swivel:  90° Both Directions
  • Microphone:  In-line

What’s in the Box?

  • Monitor 60
  • Storage bag
  • User Manual
  • Cable 1: 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable with microphone (1.2M)
  • Cable 2: 3.5mm to 6.35mm coiled cable (1.5M~3M)
  • Cable 3: 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable (3M)

Stuff I like

  • Excellent sound quality
  • Good range of accessories
  • Long cables
  • A lot of movement in the ear cups
  • Headphone band has a really nice soft cushioning

Stuff I like less

  • No hard case included
  • Bulkier than other headphones

Comparable products to consider

Sennheiser HD 400S

The HD 400S is a compact closed back, around ear headphone delivering an exceptional listening experience with solid bass response and ambient noise reduction. It features a one-button, in-line smart remote conveniently allowing music and call control. A folding headband offers easy storage and portability when not in use.

Review Metrics

Sound Quality: 8
Bass: 9
Mids: 8
Treble: 8
Sound Isolation: 8
Build Quality: 7
Comfort & Fit: 8
Value for Money: 9
Accessories: 9
Review Metrics Average: 8.22 / 10

As is often the case, I wasn’t too sure at first listen. For some reason when these things arrive, it’s in the afternoon, I’ve had a long day of listening to products, sitting in a noisy office, and living the daily rigors of life. But I knew that there was something about them that I really did appreciate.

When I first took them out of the box, I was pleasantly surprised at the array of accessories that they come with. This is also another one of OneOdio’s secret sauces is that they do offer a good range of accessories when you purchase their items.

Because the Monitor Audio 60 is really aimed at studios and DJs, there’s a really interesting design feature in both the ear cups and that is one ear cup supports a full quarter-inch jack plug and the other one supports a 3.5mm jack plug.

Now, at first, you might think, “Oh, this is a balanced set and I can run two cables.” But this is not the case. This just gives you the flexibility in the options depending on what kind of use you have for the headphones to switch them around.

OneOdio Monitor 60 Headphones accessories on a table
The OneOdio Monitor 60 headphones and its accessories

In the box, you do get a quarter-inch to 3.5mm cable, and this is the bungee cable. Who doesn’t love a bungee cable, right? So much fun to play with and certainly feels like you’re a serious audiophile or studio engineer.

If you are using these in the studio, the bungee cord is actually quite practical, wheeling your chair between racks and stations and adjusting dials and knobs. The bungee cord makes it easy to wheel back in front of your console or control panel and do the editing and mixing you need to without having a long cable dragging around the bottom of your chair.

Also in the box is a 3.5 to 3.5mm cable, with a small microphone, and a long 3.5 to 3.5mm cable which is really longer than anything I would ever consider using, but if the bungee cord cable isn’t long enough then this will certainly do the trick wherever you’re recording.

If you are a musician in the studio recording, I can imagine the 3.5mm long cable would be perfect if you need to position yourself a little bit further away from your amplifier or stack, whatever you’re using in the studio.

There also comes a small floppy, what I think is some sort of coaster, which is actually quite cool. You could put that in your recording studio or even a desk at home if you’re just gonna use these for home listening and you have a desk somewhere to use. And they also include an affordable stand, which I think is awesome.

Here’s my TIk Tok Take in two parts:

The SuperEQ S1 is one which is also made ultimately by OneOdio as its parent company. SuperEQ is a OneOdio brand name.
Sorry, they also include a stand which I think is just a great idea because one of the first things I like to do when I buy a new set of headphones is to stand them on my desk, so I can continually easily access them and listen to them.

And finally, in the box along with the headphones, you get a soft travel case, which is just a nice touch, and even if you’re just gonna leave these on the desk or put them in your drawer, it’s a nice little extra piece of protection

Build Quality

Well at first I was a little bit unsure. You pick these things up and they really are quite light. The ear cups are large, but the overall weight and feel of them are not particularly confidence-inspiring, but not unlike my Bose QC35s and QC45s. A lack of weight doesn’t necessarily mean a lack of sound quality or a lack of build quality.

OneOdio Monitor 60 Headphones headband view
The OneOdio Monitor 60 Headphones headband and ear cups on different angles

Because the Monitor 60 are also designed for DJs, there is a lot of movement in the cups, there are a lot of angles and give, you can flip the ear cups around and you can also fold them down for easy portability.

There’s very little you can’t do in terms of angles and positions for the ear cups. The earphones are really quite lovely, squishy, comfortable, and cover the ears really nicely. There’s enough give in the headphone band.

And even the headphone band has a really nice soft cushioning to it, which means that these would probably be quite comfortable for long listening periods with the open backfield to them, they breathe well, and yet still provide quite good noise isolation because of the way the earphone settles nicely on the head.

So, we’ve got a full range of accessories, nice comfort, and confidence enough in the build quality, as long as you’re not trying to jam these into a backpack with a whole bunch of books and accessories. But certainly, definitely usable in a studio, DJing on your desk, or anywhere else.

If you do travel with them, you may wanna get a cheap hard case on AliExpress or similar just to give them extra cover, but I think these would be okay as long as you’re not abusing them.

Sound quality.

Well, the sound quality is really great.

I am mostly in the camp, when listening to headphones that you’re hearing adjusts to the headphone over time.

At first, it’s like the way you make your own coffee, and then someone else makes you a coffee, and you’re like, “Oh, I don’t know if I like that coffee.”

But if you just drink their coffee for long enough you start to like their coffee and forget what your coffee tastes like.

That’s one of my theories on a lot of headphones.

At first, listen as I say, I wasn’t too sure about these, but I’ve given them a much longer go, and certainly at this price range in the sub $100 studio monitoring headphone bracket, I’m really quite impressed and happy to recommend these to just about anyone who’s looking for a good headphone at this price.

If you don’t mind the slightly bulkier design, then these will be a great companion.

When I put headphones on in the morning, I describe the experience as having virgin ears.

That is your ears have had a nice sleep, you wake up in the morning, and they’re ready to hear things that perhaps your ears aren’t really quite ready to hear in the afternoon after a long day of noise and assault.

OneOdio Monitor 60 Headphones earmuffs with left and right marking
The OneOdio Monitor 60 Headphones earmuffs with L (left) and R (right) marking

The first virgin listening track that I listened to in the morning was a track by SOHN. If you’ve not heard of SOHN, really lovely ambient music. And he has done a live track called “Hue” with the Metropole Orchestra. And it is really quite wonderful.

Sorry, the Metropole Orkest. It’s a really lovely track and I would say that pretty much anything would sound good, but the Monitor 60s give it a really good treatment, nice airy vocal tones, a beautiful range through the strings, an orchestral feel, and a lovely treatment of the deep bottom end.

The track is incredibly well mixed for a live track and it’s very balanced, but the OneOdio have a wide enough soundstage that they can place instruments quite nicely. Now, when I say wide soundstage, I’m not saying Sennheiser HD 800 S wide, but certainly very impressive for this price. And actually, these really do punch above their weight.

Now, the soundtrack has a particular tendency towards reverb, but it’s not excessive.

Next, we put the headphones through their paces and we tried our listening track playlist, overall, everything came out sounding pretty great.

For me, the thing that shines most with the Monitor 60 is really the mids and upper mids, and I would even throw the treble in there, there’s a really nice balance, it’s not too annoying.

There are some snare drum hits that can sound a little jarring, but other than that, they do a great job of representing vocals, especially guitars and keyboards as well. The bottom end is deep.

The bass is where I was a little bit confused at first listen because it’s not tight, but at the same time, it is impactful and quite wide. It’s a little bit soft as you get into the lower mids.

This is where some of the clarity comes out of the bass, but it’s not at all overly unsettling. In fact, I would be bold to say that in terms of a personal audio listening experience, this is pretty close to a nice stack of floor-standing speakers in that it gives you that kind of full bottom-end experience.

OneOdio Monitor 60 Headphones side view
Grille design on the ear cup of OneOdio Monitor 60 Headphones

“Wrecked” by Imagine Dragons, the light vocals that float through the middle range sound superb.

The OneOdio Monitor 60 are a little bit v-sculpted overall, but because there is so much space in the drivers, there’s still room for everything to have its place.

Dean Lewis, “Looks Like Me” is an excellent example of a pop track where the bass is natural. The kick drum is still acoustic in nature, and it’s not overwhelming. So, on that front, it’s really great.

OneOdio Monitor 60 Professional Studio Headphones - Recording Wired Over Ear Headphones, Hi-Res Audio, Soft Comfortable Earmuffs, 6.35mm (1/4') Adapter for Tracking Mixing DJ Mastering Broadcast
OneOdio Monitor 60

Overall, at a high-level the Monitor 60 produce good treble, really good, mids lovely, bass full round, slightly V-shaped, but everything sits in there okay.

Certainly, you’ll have no problem enjoying anything you throw at these including rock, pop, I would say even classical.

And again, if you’re using these in the studio for monitoring, planning, or as a DJ, they have certainly enough feeling in that you’re gonna have a good time with whatever you’re doing.

Are OneOdio Monitor 60 only for studios and DJs?

Not at all. You can certainly use these just for casual listening anywhere, anytime.


At the $80 mark currently, these would certainly make it into my top list of budget headphones for sure and would sit quite high on that list without a doubt.

Overall, they have an almost FM bandwidth feel to them. And I’d love to hear if you own them or if you do get them to hear what your experience is like and how you find them.

If you are doing any mixing or mastering with these or just be conscious that that middle is a little bit lower in the mix and the bass is probably set a little bit higher, so you may wanna mix accordingly for a more neutral sound settled.

Any questions far away in the comments below.

OneOdio Monitor 60 Headphones ear pads
OneOdio Monitor 60 Headphones
Sound Quality
Build Quality
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