RØDE x Alcantara: The Premium NTH-100 Headphones


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RØDE is here to debut their first headphone offering for the crowd, the NTH-100. And the brand has opted for premium materials, which will be from Alcantara. But the elephant in the room is what the collab actually means for RØDE’s fans.

Well, RØDE’s sound quality does not require any introduction. It is among the top positions on the list.

Most of the audio equipment from RØDE is actually for the content creators, which includes podcasters, sound professionals, musicians, local recordists, and streamers. And those are the customers that RØDE is targeting with the NTH-100.

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The headphones also aim to deliver the ultimate level of convenience combined with unbeatable comfort. That means you will be capable of working on your content for a prolonged amount of time without facing any comfort issues. But how does RØDE manage to offer that?

That is where the material from Alcantara steps in. Alcantara dresses up the headphone with a premium headband and ear cups. The material that is present in these two key areas is at the highest level when it comes to breathability and softness. You might not even feel that you are wearing a headphone.

Alcantara also integrates other technical features, which blend perfectly well with the ergonomics of the NTH-100 headphones. Furthermore, the longevity and the durability levels are up to the mark for the new headphones. The premium material from Alcantara is highly wear-resistant. That means the headphones’ comfort level will last for a prolonged time.

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Other than that, you will not have a tough time trying to keep the headphones looking pristine. Even though the material is premium and reasonably soft, it is easy to clean. In other words, cleaning the headband and the ear cups of the NHT-100 should be a piece of cake.

The headphones will not let you down when it comes to specifications. Its transducer size is 40 mm and boasts a frequency response range of 5 Hz to 35 kHz.

The impedance is at 32 Ohm, which can give you a fair idea of the power that the headphones will be working with.

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Moreover, the sensitivity level of the headphones is 110dB. In other words, the drivers can get exceptionally loud. Even the connection type of the headphones is premium. It utilizes dual TRRS cable attachments, which is something that we see in other high-end headphones.

With the package, you will even get an RØDE branded carrying bag. That will make it easier for you to carry the headphones around.

Now, the good news is that you will be carrying your drivers with style as the bag also features a premium build quality.

(Image Credit: RØDE)

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