Inspired by Roman Heritage, Meze Launches the New ADVAR Earphones

Inspired by Roman Heritage, Meze Launches the New ADVAR Earphones

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Meze Audio, a boutique headphone brand, has today announced the release of ADVAR, the company’s latest high-end wired earphones. The Romanian firm produces award-winning headphones with fantastic sound. It is the newest addition to the company’s wired earphone lineup. 

Meze Audio, based in Baia Mare, Romania, was founded in 2011 and is known for its timeless design, pure comfort, and captivating vibrant sound. 

Meze’s current product line includes the 99 series headphones, such as 99 Classics, 99 NEO, RAI series IEMs, such as RAI Penta, RAI Solo, and the two open-back Isodynamic Hybrid Array headphones, Elite and Empyrean, which have won several audiophile industry awards.

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Inspired by Roman Heritage, Meze Launches the New ADVAR Earphones

The name of their new headphones derives from Romania’s old civilization, where ADVAR was the word for a powerful charm or amulet that was thought to bring good fortune to people who wore it. 

So, basically, the name ADVAR is derived from a traditional Romanian talisman believed to bestow favors on those who wear it. Meze Audio considers it to be its purpose to create excellent headphones and earphones that are inspired by Romania’s historical culture.

Meze Audio claims that the new earphones keep to the brand’s winning formula of blending power with a smooth and refined sound that performs well across a variety of musical genres. ADVAR is powered by 10.2mm dynamic drivers. 

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Inspired by Roman Heritage, Meze Launches the New ADVAR Earphones

ADVAR, according to Meze Audio, can accurately expose the tiniest of musical nuances, revealing notes and sounds you may have never heard before in your favorite tunes.

Because of their high sensitivity and low impedance, the easy-to-drive ADVAR are designed to work with a wide range of audio equipment. The tone generated by ADVAR is described as both warm and energetic, with a frequency range spanning 10Hz to 30kHz, presenting music in a calm and enjoyable manner.

Each ADVAR earpiece’s solid stainless-steel chassis was influenced by numerous natural raw shapes, such as the round surface of minerals like hematite. 

ADVAR is ergonomically curved with a form that allows the earphones to be inserted and released from the wearer’s ears with ease, decreasing discomfort, especially during longer listening sessions, using the same comfort principles as Meze Audio’s other earphones.

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Inspired by Roman Heritage, Meze Launches the New ADVAR Earphones

“When we created ADVAR, our goal was to create something significant – an artful, spiritual, and everlasting piece of audio,” Antonio Meze, principal designer and founder of Meze Audio, said. “We made it our job as heirs of ancient civilizations to preserve and pass on the essence of our culture. This IEM, which captures that essence, is ready to offer harmony to your day-to-day existence in the form of harmoniously tuned audio.”

Meze Audio’s ADVAR wired earphones will be available starting April 15th for $699 / £582 / €699.

(Image Credit: Meze Audio)

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