Skullcandy’s New Mod Earbud is Giving You the Best at Just $60

Skullcandy’s New Mod Earbuds are Giving You the Most with Just $60

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Skullcandy has earned its name as the provider of some of the best budget-friendly earbuds of all time, with their $25 Dime and $30 Jib that, for once, goes above what you would expect from such inexpensive earbuds.

And with the launch of their new Mod earbuds, they have done it again! The Mod True Wireless Earbuds have all the features and functions you would expect earbuds to have, but with the addition of two new technologies that especially caught our eye.

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Image Credit: Skullcandy

If you thought you had to spend $200+ to get Tile technology on some quality earbuds, then you can end that thought right now; because these Mod earbuds are bringing you just that along with the Multi Device pairing feature for only just $60!

With the new built-in Tile technology, you can track and find your missing earbuds easily using the Tile app. The earbuds will “ring” to notify you of their current location. 

Considering how prone to losing earbuds are, we thank Skullcandy for including this technology in their budget-friendly line-up.

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Image Credit: Skullcandy

The Multipoint Pairing, using Bluetooth 5.2, will allow you to stay connected with two devices simultaneously. So you can switch from watching movies on your device to taking calls or video chats on your other device in a second.

It seems they took into consideration the quality of the mic as well, a place that not many companies in this price range pay attention to. 

Using the Clear Voice Smart Mic, Mod ensures a clear voice through background noise reduction using AI when you are on call. On the other hand, they have a “Stay-Aware Mode” that keeps you engaged with your music without canceling your surrounding noise.

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Image Credit: Skullcandy

You can customize the audio quality and button settings on your earbuds with the Skullcandy app. The app lets you access the Stay-Aware mode, including other options and information.

As for the battery, Mod earbuds will last up to 7 hours on a full charge and claims to take just 10 minutes to get 2 hours of battery life. 

But you can also pair the earbuds with its charging case for an additional 27 hours of use, which technically leads up to 34-hour total battery life.

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Image Credit: Skullcandy

It doesn’t end just there. The Skullcandy Mod wireless earbuds come with an IP55 water and sweat resistance rating, which means they can tolerate splashes of liquid but not complete submersion. Besides that, it is also resistant to dust, and dirt, like sand and soil as well.

Currently, these $60 earbuds come in only a True Black color. You can pre-order them or pay in four installments of $15 with no additional interest to grab a pair.

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