Wear OS Users Getting WiFi Streaming on the YouTube Music app?

Wear OS

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The wait is finally over! Google announced through a community post about the addition of a streaming service on the YouTube Music app for Wear OS that will let your Wear OS watch directly stream via WiFi and LTE. 

There is no more need to connect to your phone or download playlists or tracks to listen to your favorite music. Back in 2020, when Google decided to shut down its Google Play Music service for good, Wear OS users had no choice but to switch to other music streaming apps—mainly Spotify and YouTube Music. 

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Wear OS
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But even after the launch of the Wear OS YouTube Music app last year, the users couldn’t directly stream music online from the smartwatch. 

But it seems with Google’s upcoming Pixel Watch launch this fall, they decided to strike while the iron is hot and finally make YouTube Music a true music-streaming app for Wear OS users.

In that recent community post, Google mentioned two new features being added to the app. First is the ability to stream directly over your WiFi or LTE network. 

You can browse through all your favorite playlists from the watch and listen to music, even when your phone isn’t with you or paired with your smartwatch. Do note that, on iOS, Wear OS doesn’t support LTE connectivity, limiting to WiFi connection only. 

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Wear OS
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The second feature is the option for the users to add a YouTube Music tile in the watch to make quick access or shortcuts to the browsing page or your recently played playlist.

As a standalone smartwatch app and being a YouTube Music Premium subscriber, you can not only stream and listen to music ad-free but also download tracks and playlists directly to your watch. 

You also get to access their huge library of more than 80 million songs, in addition to all the thousands of playlists available on the app.

This app will also include the “Smart Downloads” option, which you can turn on to refresh your downloaded music automatically when connected to your WiFi. So you can continue listening to music uninterrupted even when switching networks.

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Wear OS
Image Credit: Jumpstory

To keep you up-to-date with your favorite music, artists, and playlists, this feature downloads music automatically by formulating your listening history. You will further receive suggested playlists tailored for you based on your listening history.

After years of neglect, Google is, at last, taking the initiative to make YouTube Music a notable smartwatch music-streaming app for Wear OS. 

But before you celebrate all of these new features, we must notify you that Google specified these new additions are exclusive to YouTube Music Premium subscribers only.

So unless you are a premium user, you will need to continue downloading playlists to listen to music on the app.  

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