Cleer Audio ARC is the Bang for the Buck among Running Earbuds

Cleer Audio

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Cleer Audio has made its way to the new world of open-ear earbuds with the launch of ARC, and there are good feedbacks with both its quality and price.

The idea of these “open-air” earbuds started from Bose’s Sport Open Earbuds in 2021, which used open-audio technology rather than bone conduction to still keep you engaged with your surrounding sound while listening to music or podcasts. 

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Cleer Audio
Image Credit: Cleer Audio

This made them the safest earbuds to wear out on the streets, running, or doing any kind of sports and exercise.

But a bit of a drawback was how expensive it is! These Bose Sport Open earbuds will cost you $199. While later, Sony released their own version of these open-ear earbuds called LinkBuds; they had a price of $178, cheaper but still extortionate.

That’s why we were pleasantly surprised to know the new Cleer Audio ARC open-ear earbuds has a more budget-friendly price of $129.99! The ARC follows Bose’s earhook design but comes with an adjustable hinge for you to set it comfortably around your ear. 

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Cleer Audio
Image Credit: Cleer Audio

So we are hoping it will make long hours of continuous wear easy and comfortable. Its open audio technology uses the custom 16.2 mm Graphene Neodymium Driver providing a dynamic audio quality directly to your ear canals without covering them while keeping you rooted to the outside world.

With Bluetooth 5.0 and MP3, SBC, and aptX support, you can listen to music and podcasts uninterrupted. Moreover, using Cleer Audio’s free Cleer+ app lets you adjust the EQ and personalize the sound quality, set music playback, and even get firmware updates.

These open-ear earbuds offer convenient touch controls for you to play or pause audio, adjust the volume, answer and end calls, and skip tracks on the go. Touch and hold will connect and access with your phone’s voice assistant. 

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Cleer Audio
Image Credit: Cleer Audio

As a true running and workout earbud, it has an IPX4 sweat and water resistance rating, which is not the best but should be ideal for regular workouts while also being completely splash-proof. Although with that rating, it is vulnerable to dirt and dust.

The ARC wireless earbuds have a 7 hours long battery life. It uses a USB-A integrated charging port and is said to take only 10 minutes to get 1-hour battery life, so an hour or so of charging should be enough to reach full charge. The charging case with cotton and linen-bound exterior is zippered instead of the hinged case design of AirPods.

You can find these new Cleer Audio ARC Open-Ear True Wireless Earbuds in two different colors: Midnight Blue and Light Gray. Both colors look flattering with the hinged earhook design of the open-ear earbuds.

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