Sonic Lamb Headphones: Repeat Music on Hear, Feel, Immerse and Beast Mode

Sonic Lamb

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Do you have any memories of sensing movies, concerts or thunder? Thinking why such question is necessary? Because people can sense sound with their bodies in addition to hearing it.

So, enjoy and immerse yourself in games, movies, and music with Sonic Lamb. In order to produce the loudest, most profound, and most powerful Bass for an eargasmic experience, their hybrid driver combined with earpads simulates a subwoofer.

Sonic Lamb, a company that contends that over the past ten years, the audio industry has strayed from its fundamental mission of enhancing the audio experience. And the startup in New York hopes to alter that.

Sonic Lamb
Source: Sonic Lamb

When experimenting with hearing implants, mechanical and electronic engineers Navajith Karkera and Jagath Biddappa developed the idea of this headphone. According to the legend, they devised a technique for audio transmission that didn’t only rely on the ear, which is undoubtedly an intriguing strategy.

Sonic Lamb’s new headphones are crafted for a true eargasm (a pleasurable feeling brought on by physical stimulation of the ear canal or earlobe). 

This new breed of headphones is powered by the world’s first and only hybrid driver acoustics. Sonic Lamb is now developed for headphones, but the company initially intended to go for loudspeakers.

For the first time ever in a headphone, Sonic Lamb simulates a full range audio driver and subwoofer system via air and bone-body conduction. This allows you to enjoy both classical Beethoven and Bass music at their absolute best.

Sonic Lamb
Source: Jumpstory

Each soundscape is created thoughtfully and methodically to provide you with the most immersive, high-fidelity, and highly customized audio experience possible.

The innovative part of the technology is a proprietary driver that converts the audio input into corresponding mechanical impulses, turning the ear pads of the headsets into a virtual diaphragm. 

The full-range audio driver reproduces mid and high frequencies, traditionally transmitted as sound waves (through the air) to the listener’s ear.

The listener suddenly feels the music, as it previously could only be done through multi-driver speakers, live performances, or home theaters. The incredible headsets can transmit the mechanical impulse from the ear pads to the listener’s skin and bone.

Sonic Lamb advertises a unique interface for controlling the headphones that allow four modes of customization for customers, including “Hear,” “Feel,” “Immerse,” and, quite unsettlingly, “Beast.”

Sonic Lamb
Source: Jumpstory

So does this headphone weigh a lot? Actually, 300g weighs just 46g more than the Sony WH-1000XM4 comparison. The playback time ranges from six to twenty-four hours, depending on how you listen. 

From July 19, 2022, to August 30, 2022, Sonic Lamb headphones will be available with super early-bird rates beginning at $199 / £158 (about AU$279). The company guarantees delivery before Christmas for audiophiles.

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