Sonos Outdoor Speaker Now Comes in an Exciting New Color

Sonos Outdoor Speaker

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Sonos has teamed up with Sonance to release a brand new version of the Sonos Outdoor Speaker. Thanks to this collab with the architectural audio specialist, the speaker now comes in two colors: white and a gothy black.

That said, the black model has been available since the launch of the Outdoor Speaker. But you could only get the speaker in that color from a Sonos authorized dealer. 

However, the new color option is now available for purchase directly from the website. So, if you have been holding back on the Sonos Outdoor Speaker for its white exterior, now would be a great time to get it. 

Sonos Outdoor Speaker
Source: Sonos

You might be wondering whether the new version of the Outdoor Speaker brings any changes. Well, the new pair of speakers has the same spec sheet as the originals. 

That is, the latest version aims to offer the same level of audio performance as the white version. It still has a high-excursion woofer, which offers “rich” mid and low frequencies.

Furthermore, the inside of the speakers has a one-inch tweeter. With this tweeter, Sonos Outdoor Speaker aims to deliver “crisp high frequencies.” 

Sonos Outdoor Speaker
Sonos Outdoor Speaker; Source: Sonos

So, even if you are outdoors, the pair of speakers will excel at setting the party vibe. Other than that, the new version of the Sonos Outdoor Speaker has the same heavy-duty exterior. 

It features an IP66 rating, indicating that the speakers are waterproof and dustproof to a large degree.

Just like before, the new Sonos Outdoor Speaker is a pair of passive speakers. That means you will have to pair them up physically with a Sonos amp. 

Sonos Outdoor Speaker
Source: Sonos

However, the pair does come with important wireless speaker features. For example, the Sonos Amp can detect the speaker’s signature.

Once detected, it will tune the speakers according to the space. Also, you will have access to Sonos Trueplay feature through the app. 

But you will also have the freedom to use AirPlay 2, Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, YouTube Music, and other compatible streaming services with the speakers.

Sonos Outdoor Speaker
Source: Sonos

So, just because the Sonos Outdoor Speaker is not wireless, it does not mean that you will get a sub-par experience with them. 

You should note that the pair aims for the high-end custom install market. For that reason, you should expect to pay a premium price. 

Also, you need to spend extra to get the Sonos Amp if you don’t have it already. Considering the speakers’ features, the price will be well worth it.

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