Tidal Catches Up with Spotify and Apple Music by Launching “Profiles”

Tidal Catches Up with Spotify and Apple Music

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So, if you have Spotify and Apple Music, being able to share your music with others might not have been a big deal for you. Those streaming giants have had that feature for a long time now. 

But Tidal was lagging in this criterion. In fact, there was no option to search for a Tidal member. However, Tidal finally caught up with the competition in this regard. 

The streaming platform has released “Profiles,” which allows the users to a profile name and share their playlists with others. Now, all the platform users will be able to enjoy the digital mixtapes of one another.

Tidal Catches Up with Spotify and Apple Music
Source: Tidal

But that is not all. The “Profiles” feature also allows the users to follow “friends, family, and favorite curators.” Want to know how you can find a profile? There are two ways.

The first method is by searching for the specific profile name in the ‘Search’ box. And the second method is by going to the unique profile link of that specific profile.

To get your unique profile link, you have to select ‘Copy Profile’ on the profile page and ‘Share the link.’

Tidal Catches Up with Spotify and Apple Music
Source: Tidal

This feature is something that users of Spotify and Apple Music have been enjoying for quite a long time now. The playlist-sharing facilities made it easy for others to discover your favorite music.

The process of sharing playlists through social media accounts has been there in Tidal. However, there was no way to connect with other Tidal users

On that note, the social media sharing option can get a little tricky sometimes, which is something the streaming service should definitely work on.

Tidal Catches Up with Spotify and Apple Music
Source: Tidal

This “Profile” update has already started to roll out. It is available in Tidal’s web apps and mobile apps, which are basically apps for Android and iOS. And the update will not do anything to your existing playlist. 

So don’t worry about curating them from the very beginning. Wondering how the “Followers” system work? Well, it is pretty much like Twitter. On the profile of the users, you can click on the “Followers” link to see who is following them. 

Tidal Catches Up with Spotify and Apple Music
Source: Tidal

And through the “Following” link, you can see who they are following. Just like Twitter, it is possible to unfollow and block users. The blocking feature can come in handy when you do not want specific users to find you. 

With all of these, combined with the free tier introduction before, Tidal seems to be targeting Spotify. And with a HiFi tier present, it might have an early lead.

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