Speech Can Get a Little Bit More Personal for Google Assistant With Future Updates

Google Assistant

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Google is continuously improving Google Assistant’s voice capture mechanism. At this point, it has the ability to properly recognize your voice in a relatively noisy environment and pick up the things you are saying. 

It seems like more upgrades are coming to improve its ability. “Personalized Speech Recognition” has been popping up lately in the code of the Google App. 

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Google Assistant
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And this might be a hint telling what you can expect from Google Assistant in the future. According to the team of 9to5Google, the latest version of the app will offer the “store audio recordings on this device to help Google Assistant get better at recognizing what you say” feature.

While that is the only information that the team could scour out from the latest version of the Google Assistant app, you can understand more about the feature if you take a look at the Google Smart Speakers

They process some common queries locally. That makes the speakers recognize the command and carry out processing faster.

That said, there are some snippers of information hidden in the latest version of the Google Assistant app. That info suggests that if you turn this feature off, Google Assistant will be less accurate in recognizing your frequently said words or names.

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Google Assistant
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However, there is no information regarding how inaccurate Goggle Assistant might be with the feature turned off. But one thing is pretty clear with the feature turned on on your Android phone, Google Assist will be capable of properly recognizing your own vocal quirks. 

That includes unique contact names, accents, and other things. In other words, with the local processing turned on, you will have a fluid experience with Google Assistant on your Android phone.

Yes, Google Assistant is already pretty advanced. It makes voice command seem like a must-use feature in our daily lives. However, that does not mean that there is no room for improvement. 

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Google Assistant
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Google has been putting a good amount of effort into machine learning. But Google Assistant still did not reach its goal: seamless chatting with the user. And there is a long way to go for the Assistant to reach that target.

Nonetheless, with the “personalized” feature, Google is getting closer to reaching that target. Google wants its Assistant to be better at understanding your regularly used commands and your most specific words. 

And when the feature rolls out, you might catch it not understanding something that makes perfect sense to you but does not make any sense for an artificial intelligence system.

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