Spotify: Start the New Year with New Year Hub

Spotify New Year Hub

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Before anything else, we wish you a happy new year. Even though we have a lot to look forward to in 2023, some things will be us from the past. Yes, you guessed it right, it’s music.

And if you are looking forward to jamming out to different playlists to start the new year right, Spotify has got your back. You will now access thousands of new year-centric playlists through Spotify’s New Year Hub.

That said, you will be surprised to know that on the last day of 2022, the platform saw nearly 40 thousand new playlists specifically for new year’s eve. That is a lot! 

Spotify New Year Hub
Source: Jumpstory

Needless to say, it is not possible to go through all these playlists. However, in the New Year’s Hub, you will find the best hits of the past year. 

There will be many throwback mixes and slow jams too. All of these will enable you to have a good time with your loved ones in these early days of 2023.

Want something that is curated for you? Spotify has got your back in that regard too. There is an option to choose from many DJ mixes, including Hardwell, Tiësto, Benny Benassi, and many others.

Spotify New Year Hub
Source: Jumpstory

Of course, if you are at home and have some catch-up to do on some work, there are chill and mellow tunes in the playlist too. 

Those will let you keep things low-key and allow you to concentrate on the tasks at hand. You can even listen to some of the best podcasts from the New Year Hub of Spotify.

Basically, the choice is endless. Spotify is offering something for pretty much everyone. And you are guaranteed to have an excellent overall time vibing to the exclusive playlist on Spotify.

Spotify New Year Hub
Source: Jumpstory

Now, for those who do not have Spotify, there is a solution for you too. Head over to Apple Music to catch up on everything you have listened to throughout the year. 

You will find a Replay 2022 playlist, which will give you a look back at all the music that made you have a good time.

Although the Replay 2022 playlist will not be as extensive as the one Spotify offers, it is still a good alternative. And it can definitely let you have an excellent overall time in the early days of 2023.

Spotify New Year Hub
Source: Jumpstory

That said, we have seen a lot of new streaming technologies in the last year. For example, Google has been doing new things with its evolving software and hardware. 

And Apple is busy making small yet meaningful upgrades to its products. So, you can safely say that 2023 will be an excellent year for music streaming services.

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