Spotify HiFi May be on the Horizon, but Is it on the Expensive Side?

Spotify HiFi

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A HiFi feature is one of the long-awaited options for Spotify users. The streaming media hinted that that feature is “coming soon” back in February 2021. But there has not been any word regarding it ever since.

Well, it seems like the feature might be closer to launch as a new survey has just surfaced. After ditching the streaming platform for Apple Music, users were asked if they would consider returning in the “next 30 days” for Spotify Platinum.

Currently, there is no Platinum option available for the streaming platform. But the survey lists all the advantages that the theoretical tier would bring to the table.

Spotify HiFi
Source: Spotify

That includes the HiFi lossless audio, “Audio Insights,” “Playlist Pro,” “Library Pro,” “Limited-ad Podcasts,” and “Headphone Tuner.” Some of the features are actually vague, which is one of the reasons why it is hard to answer the survey. 

For example, Studio Sound could be an alternative to Spatial Audio from Apple. However, that is, again, a theoretical assumption. There is no guarantee that such a feature will be introduced with the supposedly new tier.

Even with no details regarding the features, the company listed a theoretical price point, which is double the price of Spotify Premium. And the users did not take the price increase lightly.

Spotify HiFi
Source: Spotify

Many gave their two cents regarding the pricing. And it seems like the magic number from the fans seems to be half the additional price of the current Spotify premium.

However, there is a chance that the survey might show different pricing for different people. That is something a lot of companies do in their surveys.

For instance, while the user mentioned earlier saw the double price, some might be seeing the magical number that everyone agrees with. Also, there is a chance that many might be seeing a more than double price increase.

Spotify HiFi
Source: Spotify

But, you need to consider that this price analysis comes from the biggest Spotify fans. They are from a dedicated subreddit, which might not represent all the users.

Furthermore, many think Spotify should do something like Amazon Music Unlimited or Apple Music. Those two streaming services offer HiFi audio without any extra cost.

Spotify HiFi
Source: Spotify

Well, with that considered, it seems like the streaming service is considering squeezing some extra money from its fans. 

And now that many are shifting to other services, such a move can bring a downfall in the subscriber list of the streaming service. So, Spotify should think twice before introducing a new package with a heavy price increase.

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