SuperEQ Q2 Pro earbuds Review – Light + Comfortable

SuperEQ Q2 Pro ANC Earbuds Review

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Release Date
December 11, 2019
Price not available
SuperEQ Q2 Pro
0.004 oz
3.9 x 3 x 1.8 in

Are the Q2 Pro ANC features for less or featureless

I’ve done a few reviews of budget ANC true wireless earbuds recently. I have my favorite which I’ll share more on later in this post.

Thanks to SuperEQ (part of OneOdio) for sending these to me for an honest review.

First impressions? Light. These things are not heavy at all but they pack in ANC and a 12mm Dynamic Driver with Bluetooth 5.2 and a playback time, with ANC on, of 7.5 hours and 11 hours with it off.

So, we’re off to a good start.


SuperEQ Q2 Pro ANC True Wireless Earbuds

Light and comfortable, the Q2 Pro come packed with features

Price Range: $
SuperEQ Q2 Pro earbuds


While not a choice for audiophiles, the Q2 Pro are a good pick for the under 30’s looking for an affordable, comfortable true wireless earbud that doesn’t cost the earth.

With ANC and a decent battery life, including the charging case, this is a good pick for commuters, noisy offices or learning environments where price ensures any risk of loss or damage is mitigated by the affordable price tag.

One to look at if you don’t want to stretch to Apple prices.

The Specs

  • Bluetooth:  5.2
  • Driver:  12mm Dynamic Driver
  • Battery Power:  55mAh
  • Charging Case:  370mAh
  • Playback Time:  7.5hrs (with ANC On)
  • Hybrid Active Noise-Canceling:  ~35db ambient noise reduction

What’s in the Box?

  • S/M/L eartips – medium come fitted
  • User Guide (helpful for pairing as there is no pairing button)
  • USB-C Charging Cable
  • Charging Case + Earbuds

Stuff I like

  • Comfortable
  • Light and Portable
  • Decent battery life + Charging Case
  • Active Noise-Cancelation
  • Good and easy to listen to all rounder
  • Deep bass

Stuff I like less

  • Frequencies collide a little, mostly mid bass and bass
  • A little wooly in bottom end

Thank god these come with a little L and R on each earbud as they are that kind of nice, simple design that you need to check before inserting.

Not a negative, just helpful.

The Q2 Pro have an ANC hybrid technology for their active noise-cancellation feature; this includes ambient listening mode.

From what I can see of the specs this essentially means a two microphone noise-cancelling set up with one placed near the ear port and one in the unit.


The driver is a 12mm Dynamic Driver – Neodymium Magnet. This is a decent size for such a small and light true-wireless earphone.

SuperEQ Q2 Pro earbuds with charging case - top down view
The earbuds fit the ears well and the 12mm drivers fit into a nice small, light package.

Touch Controls

The touch controls are quite intuitive. You shouldn’t need to retrain your existing knowledge from other true wireless touch earbuds.

  • Long press on L or R changes between Normal / Transparency Mode / ANC On. If there is an incoming call a long press rejects the call.
  • A short press once on either will Play/Pause/Anser a call or End a call.
  • Press twice on the L earbud and it will go back to the previous track.
  • Press twice on the R earbud and it will go to the next track.
  • If you press 3 times on L or R you will kick the Voice Assistant in to play

The responsiveness of the touch controls is easy. The touchpad is big enough that you don’t have to be too accurate with your fingers to make things happen.

Battery Life

If you have ANC and you’re listening to music you will get around 7.5 to 8 hours in a single-use.

If you turn off ANC you’ll get about 11 hours of use. I didn’t find this affected the sound quality much at all.

If you combine the charging case with ANC On then you will be able to get around 30 hours of overall listening use from the Q2 Pro.

I’m not very good at running these cases down to flat as I tend to charge before that happens so I can’t tell you what the overall charge time is. SuperEQ don’t offer this information either.


The SuperEQ Q2 Pro has a short stem and a small, light main earbud that holds all the good stuff.

The weight is something I keep mentioning as they really as very light in the ear. This is a good thing but might leave some audiophiles wondering about the audio quality, as sometimes weight transfers the belief of a quality setup.

The other benefit of the light feel is that they make pretty good exercise partners as you don’t feel the weight of them is going to pull them out of your ears and you won’t notice them making your ears feel tired.

SuperEQ Q2 Pro earbuds with accessories
SuperEQ Q2 Pro Accessories – Everything you need

Sound Quality

So, what’s the punchline on quality? Not bad, but not brilliant, but did you expect premium audio for $60?

That’s not the point here. What we’re trying to do in this price bracket is getting a great AMC true wireless earbud, with a charging case, that we would be happy to throw in our backpack for a trip, a commute, or as a solution to noisy office perhaps.

We’re not looking for audiophile, reference gear.

That being said, let’s see how they stack up in the frequency ranges.

While some of these criticisms seem a little down on things – I’m reviewing them through the lens that I know most customers who read my stuff are looking for audiophile stuff in a budget price range.

These have a real place in the market which I’ll explain. See the “Why I’d buy these” section below.

ANC – Active-Noise Cancellation

They perform as well as any affordable ANC earbuds in this price range. There is some DB noise reduction but the natural noise isolation plays into this quite a lot; just the seal of the silicon ear tips reduces a great deal of noise making the ANC not have to work that hard.

That being said – the ANC really does work and would be helpful in a noisy environment or airplanes, trains, and automobiles.

ANC is best when dealing with consistent incoming sound frequencies like airplane hum or train track noise – these do a great job on that front.

Thumbs Up.


There is a healthy dose of mid and sub-bass. Mid Bass is a little loose and not super tight. There is some bleed into the mids and it kind of wallows away down in the lower frequencies.

This bleed into the overall sound stage is probably the biggest complaint I have about these.

I need to clarify that this is especially true for tracks that have a keys/synth track sitting constantly at the bottom of the sound stage.

Dermot Kennedy – Young & Free has deep solid bass which the Q2 Pro reaches to.


Mids feel a little wooly on because the mid-bass is a little loose. It’s not lacking clarity but there is a feeling like they are being generated through a thin paper cone and it can end up sitting further back in the mix.

Mid-range instruments like guitar and snare drums lack some edge. Some will like that as mids have a tendency to make people feel fatigued over long listening periods.

These frequency mentions didn’t change with ANC ON or Off.


Not a huge amount of top-end on these. Again, it’s there but not in a way that makes you want to reach for the EQ to turn down.

It’s certainly not going to wear you out and will allow for long comfortable listening periods.

They are not muted and are there, they just have some competition from the spill mentioned across the sound stage.

Over sound impressions

These are easy to throw in your ears, whack some music on and head out of the house, or make the office a little less distracting.

They offer a nice accompaniment to life without overthinking things.

The sound signature is easy to listen to. It doesn’t strain or stress in any direction which makes them like your car radio but on the go.

You’re not listening for nuance and quality, you just want a good portable sound system to accompany your daily life.

Build Quality

Build quality is good. Once you get past the light nature of them there isn’t a lot to complain about. They are a good, simple unit.

Why I’d Buy These

SuperEQ Q2 Pro earbuds
Build quality is good. Clean lines.

These are a great earphone for anyone on a budget, looking for a $60 price range. Someone that wants a solid Bluetooth connection and ANC with easy earbud controls.

If you listen to a lot of radio and want something light and comfy that you can throw in your ears while heading out on an excursion or while wandering around the house, these are a great choice.

If you want a set of earbuds with active noise-cancelation for use in the office, something affordable in case you lose them, drop them or someone ‘borrows’ them from you then you won’t care.

The Q2 Pro are a great, affordable true wireless option for everyday use where perfect sound but ANC is important.

Pop Music is a great genre for these as is some Dance music. Rock is OK.

I could picture these being a great gift choice for a high school, young adult or young professional looking for solid performance with good battery life (and charging case) without a hefty price tag.

Any questions – fire away in the comments below

SuperEQ Q2 Pro ANC Earbuds Review
SuperEQ Q2 Pro Earbuds with ANC
Build Quality
Sound Quality
Battery Life

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