TCL Presents New Festive Gift Guide for Spreading the Love this Holiday Season

TCL Festive Gift Guide Holiday Season

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TCL, the leading consumer electronics company, reiterates its dominance in the TV market as the Top 2 LCD TV brand globally in 2022. 

The brand has won two CES 2023 Innovating Wards for its Mini LED 4K TV 75C835 and Mini LED 4K TV 75C935.

There’s no doubt that the products had superior engineering features and great design. And to celebrate a massive milestone, TCL has just introduced a gift guide that will help consumers elevate the festive atmosphere in their homes. 

TCL Festive Gift Guide Holiday Season
Source: TCL

To make things a little fun, the brand took inspiration from the indescribable skills of its four football Brand Ambassadors.

After that, TCL utilized its own creativity and imagination to make a unique holiday gift guide for this season. Wondering what products did the brand choose for its gift guide?

First, there is the C835 Mini LED TV. It is an all-rounder that offers super viewing experiences in every setting. 

TCL Festive Gift Guide Holiday Season
Source: TCL

The 4K Mini LED panel has a 144Hz refresh rate and integrates QLED technology to ensure vivid colors, the best light control, high contrast, and superior levels of detail. Not to mention that the TV is also complemented with a 2.1 sound system and Dolby Atmos.

Secondly, there is the C635 QLED TV. It is one of the fast-responding TV with smart Google TV features. TCL mentions that it is a gift that will make everyone’s favorite entertainment sound and look better. 

The 4K 120Hz panel can also provide amazing brightness and color, thanks to its Quantum Dot technology. It also excels in offering an excellent overall sound.

TCL Festive Gift Guide Holiday Season
Source: TCL

Finally, you have the P735 Google TV. TCL managed to pack an incredibly vibrant display into this TV. But the panel is not the only thing that makes it worth considering. 

There are multiple outstanding features that will impress your friends and family. For example, the TV offers limitless options for entertainment and excels in providing a highly immersive.

Looking to make your entertainment consumption experience a little extra? You have the latest soundbars from TCL. When paired with one of the TVs mentioned above, you are guaranteed to get a better movie-watching, gaming, and music-listening experience.

TCL Festive Gift Guide Holiday Season
75C835 TCL Mini LED TV; Source: TCL

Want to know what models did TCL include in the gift guide? One of them is the soundbar from the P73 series that launched this year. 

It is a 3.1 channel P733W soundbar. The model has 3D surround sound, which with the wireless subwoofer, will enhance the impressiveness and multidimensional trait of audio.

It also comes with Dolby Audio. That integration aims to make the audio clear, powerful, and rich.

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