Triangle All-In-One LN05A Gets a 2022 Upgrade

Triangle All-In-One LN05A

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The French audio manufacturer, Triangle, is relaunching their active floor-standing speakers: the Triangle LN05A. And the main focus of this relaunch is to make the speakers have connected system support.

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First of all, the new LN05A comes with a range of digital and analog connections. It also includes an amplifier. 

And this version of the floor-standing speakers is for large rooms. Triangle aims the speakers for the area that is from 20 square meters to 50 square meters.

Triangle All-In-One LN05A
Source: Triangle HiFi

On the note of amplifiers, the compact connected speakers boast two 80 watts of Class D Amplifiers

As mentioned above, there are tons of analog and digital connections. That includes the RCA/Phono, Coaxial, Bluetooth AptX, and Optical-S/PDIF. The new speakers will also find dedicated subwoofer and phono stage output.

Additionally, the speakers got a new overall outlook on the color finishes. The new colors for the 2022 version have Light Oak and Chestnut. 

These two wood finishes will make the floor-standing speakers merge well with most of the other wood-finished audio devices that current audio setups usually have.

Triangle All-In-One LN05A
Source: Triangle HiFi

In comparison, the old Triangle LN05A came in matt black and matt white finishes. But that does not mean that the old colors did not pass the test of time. They did! Matt finishes surely blends exceptionally well with any setup you throw them in.

The Chestnut version of the new LN05A offers a more rustic yet highly sophisticated style. It will not have any issues combining with white and other colored tones. 

On the other hand, the light oak has a golden yet lighter color touch. This finish makes it achieve a much more discreet, subtle, and sophisticated outlook.

Triangle All-In-One LN05A
Source: Triangle HiFi

Under the hood, you will find a 2.5-way bass reflex system. Triangle has opted for a 25 mm silk dome for the tweeter. And this tweeter aims to offer you a very detailed yet soft and gentle sound. 

The two 13 cm woofers that are on the new LN05A rely on the treated paper membranes. And Triangle aims to offer a precise sound with them.

Together, the two woofers and the silk dome make the speakers get a forward-acting bass reflex setup.

Triangle All-In-One LN05A
Source: Triangle HiFi

And they also make the new LN05A get a frequency range of 47 Hz to 22 kHz. The power amplifiers will also do a proper job of providing better overall sound performance.

Nonetheless, Triangle has designed the system so that one of the speaker pairs is active while the other is passive. For that reason, all of the connections are on the right speaker. 

For connecting the pair, the brand has opted for conventional speaker cables. That is why you will find screw terminals on both speakers.

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