UE Fits: The Ultimate Earphones for the Best Fit

UE Fits

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Otherwise known as Ultimate Ears, UE is a Californian audio giant that you might not have heard much about. But, among their best sellers, you have the Wonderboom 2, which has secured a spot in most of the best Bluetooth speakers list.

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Earbuds so comfortable you won’t even notice you are wearing them. Patented lightform technology molds the tips to the unique shape of your ears for a perfect fit. Fits medium, large, and even small ears.

However, this time, UE is here to redefine what it feels like to have the right fitting on earbuds. With the Fits TWS buds, the brand is bringing a custom-fitting technology, which will ensure that you have the most secure fit ever with a pair of TWS buds.

Although a lot of other brands have ventured into this department, they could not address the issue entirely. Consider the custom ear-tips of Avery.

UE Fits
Source: Ultimate Ears

Even though the tips were great for people with smaller or larger ears, they still left the users wanting more. So, how is UE Fits managing to fight the fitting issue of earbuds? 

Well, the team has developed an app that will customize the earbuds’ fit by considering the size and shape of your ears. And the amazing part of it all is that the entire customization process takes just about three minutes.

The experience might not start off that great. You might be slightly uncomfortable when the translucent tips go too far in your ears. 

UE Fits
Source: Ultimate Ears

But, according to the app, the bud is supposed to do that. After you put them on and go through the steps of the app, the magical fitting sorcery will initiate.

When the customization process takes off, the app warns the user about it. Basically, the parts that are resting inside the ear will start to heat up. 

And once it starts heating up, you will feel the thermoplastic parts slimming, moving, and assimilating with the folds of your ears.

In short, throughout this entire heating and moving of the thermoplastic parts process, the earbuds are shaping up the tips according to the shape of your ears. So, after the process, you will end up with tips that are meant precisely for your ears.

UE Fits
Source: Ultimate Ears

Although this is a great thing, it has its drawback. It seems like the heating and shaping process can only be initiated once. And as the thermoplastic is light sensitive, which UE warns about, the tips can deform.

On the bright side, you can order more tips when that happens. And if you do not want to spend the extra money, follow UE’s instructions.

Regarding the other factors of the UE Fits, the buds come with a single 10mm dynamic driver. And with a full charge, you can get up to eight hours of runtime. And the brand states that the buds can offer “over 20 hours of playback” with the charging case.

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