Early Black Friday Sale on Logitech H390: Score a Great Headphone by Paying Less

Early Black Friday Sale on Logitech H390

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The PC headphone market has been getting quite saturated with options lately. Many new brands are stepping in with the average-at-best products. And although they might seem worth it seeing the price, most are actually not. So, instead of considering this, you need to prioritize this early Black Friday sale on Logitech H390!

But what are you actually getting for what you are paying? In short, a lot! Logitech has prioritized a lot on the design of these headphones. 

These come with plush and padded earcups and headbands. And these paddings do not fail to offer the optimum level of comfort.

Early Black Friday Sale on Logitech H390
Source: Logitech

On the note of comfort, the headphones are incredibly light. And for being lightweight, you will not face any comfort issues when wearing them for prolonged hours.

However, those features will not make that much of an impact if the headphones’ sound is sub-par. The good news is that the sound quality of the Logitech H390 will not disappoint you. Its drivers are well-capable in providing a premium sound-listening experience.

Talking of which, the H390 comes with an advanced digital USB. Logitech has laser-tuned it to provide redefined digital audio. Basically, you will not have any complaints in the sound department.

Early Black Friday Sale on Logitech H390
Source: Logitech

The headphones are also highly compatible and they work flawlessly with Mac OS, Chrome OS, and Windows. As they come in a plug-and-play configuration, there is no need to worry about installing additional drivers either.

Alongside that, the wire is relatively lengthy – it is 6.2 feet, meaning you can easily connect the headphone to your PC and laptop.

You will also have total control over the sound. There is in-line control, enabling you to adjust the volume and mute the mic quickly. 

Early Black Friday Sale on Logitech H390
Source: Logitech

So you will not need to change your device’s settings constantly. Also, there is a light on the in-line control, which will flash when the mute switch is activated. It is indeed a nifty little feature.

Furthermore, the headset boasts an adjustable boom mic. It can clearly pick up your voice even when you are in a busy environment. So, meetings in Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, and others will go extremely smoothly with these headphones.

Early Black Friday Sale on Logitech H390
Source: Logitech

In a nutshell, this deal on Logitech H390 is surely something you should not miss if you have been eyeing wired headphones lately.

And considering the fact that it brings a lot of features that are not usually found on budget headphones, there is no need to think twice before adding it to the cart.

Logitech H390

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