Your Google Nest Devices will Soon Act Like a Matter Control Hub!

Google Nest Devices Matter Control Hub

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Matter standard debuted a long time back. We did see some of the devices in action. But none of them got a whole lot of attention. 

Well, things have changed for Matter standard! Now, Google Nest devices are all set to get Matter Support. And here’s all that you know about the update.

So, a total of eight Google Nest devices will get the update. That includes Home Mini, Nest Audio, Google Home speaker, Nest Mini, Nest Hub Max, Nest WiFi Pro, and Nest Hub (the first and the second-gen). 

Google Nest Devices Matter Control Hub
Source: Google

And after the update, these devices can double as a central hub to control all your Matter gadgets.

How will you be able to pair the Matter-enabled devices with the Google Nest devices? It’s simple; you need to pair them up with WiFi or Thread. 

Now, what exactly is a “Thread”? At its core, it is a wireless standard that provides a “low-power connection.”

In fact, the second-gen Google Nest Hub, WiFi Pro, and Hub Max are getting an update allowing them to act like Thread Border routers. 

Google Nest Devices Matter Control Hub
Source: Google

That means you can use those devices to control other Thread devices. Also, Fast Pair on Android is getting an update so mobile devices can promptly connect to Matter.

However, Android phones have some prerequisites. According to a company representative, to get your Android phone to connect with Matter, you need to have Android 8.1 or higher

The Google Play Services version should also be 22.48.14 in order to make the phone work with the new standard.

On the other hand, Google Nest Owners do not have to do anything to make the devices work with Matter. The firmware update that enables the support will automatically install on the devices.

Google Nest Devices Matter Control Hub
Source: Google

That said, the Matter is still in the early stages. And this might make you wonder what its future will be. 

There are not many devices out there with Matter support. But Google Nest devices are one of the first ones to get the support. 

By 2023, the number of supported devices will proliferate. Google confirmed that it is working with “partners from across the industry to make sure more smart home devices work with Matter.

Google Nest Devices Matter Control Hub
Source: Google

Those “partners” include Nanoleaf, Eve, and Phillips Hue. Samsung is also working on an update. 

It is related to the Multi-Admin tool of Matter. And it will purportedly make the onboarding experience of Matter better. 

When that comes out, more and more users will surely get into the standard. So, Matter standard definitely has a bright future ahead.

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