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6 Reasons why I’m buying an Apple Watch 6 (and dropping Wear OS)

Apple Watch 6

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Next week the Apple Watch 6 is expected to be released (15th September 2020). After a couple of years with my Huawei watch I have realised that while I enjoy having a smartwatch, it’s a little bit wasted if the watch can’t keep up with you due to a slow processor and limited operating system (Wear OS).

Huawei make really amazing hardware and the newer models are impressive but as someone who is pretty deep in the Apple ecosystem, it makes sense to go for the Apple Watch.

Apple Watch 6 (red)
Apple Watch 6 – Red Edition

So, in less than a week, the Apple Watch 6 will be released and this post will already be dated. The question is, will it come with everything we’ve been waiting for?

Reason 1: Processor speed

Already the Apple Watch 4 and 5 have raised the stakes on performance compared to the competition. The Samsung Watch3 is the most recently released mainstream smartwatch that has the chops to compete with Apple Watch 6 and the Samsung Watch3 has already released a blood oxygen monitor.

It takes a lot to power smart assistants like Siri, or to make and receive calls. So I expect the Apple Watch 6 will have plenty of oomph to make all things work together well. Complications, Siri, Music and GPS – the works.

The current Watch OS for the Apple Watch 5 allows for an always on screen also so an improvement in battery life on the new model would be welcome.

Reason 2: Usability

This might be a bit contentious. Not to mention them again but the Samsung Watch 3 did come out with the rotating bezel which is really nice to use. There are also more watches coming out with virtual rotating bezels and yet it still feels better to me to have a watch style bezel like the Apple Watch has because it handles complicated menus better.

The thing that has always impressed with me with Apple is not how you use and interact with the screen, but how the screen is organised. IMO – it deals with data better than other watches including Wear OS watches and Samsungs Tizen.

Reason 3: Apps

Apple still wins the Watch app wars. There are better performing and better-integrated apps than any other watch OS on the market. Wear OS is severely limited, Garmin and Samsung all come out with the same core apps with little options to download and expand on the defaults apps.

Apple Watch OS offers my apps to manage my garage door. I mean come on, if I can control my garage door from my Apple Watch then just imagine all the other apps you can download.

Reason 4: Widely accepted

Garmin has Garmin Pay, Samsung has Samsung Pay, Wear OS has GPay but where I live the most accepted form of contactless payment is ApplePay.

So it goes without saying that having an Apple Watch 6 with ApplePay means I can step out of my front door without my wallet and have confidence I can still get gas, coffee and anything else I need to survive.

Reason 5: Integrated Health Options

Samsung beat Apple to the punch with Blood OX monitoring but Apple’s built-in ECG/EKG feature has already proven to save lives and it is expected that the Apple Watch 6 will include the blood oxygen monitoring.

The fall detection is great and the ability to have all my health data integrated into one eco-system (Apple) just makes things easier.

Reason 6: Operability

I have an iPhone, I also have Apple AirPods Pro, so it makes so much sense to stick with the Apple Watch 6 which will keep my entire life integrated in a natural and well-considered way.

I just can’t wait to walk out of the house with the Apple Watch 6 on my wrist.

That one device will then be

  • my wallet
  • my health monitor
  • my fitness tracker
  • my phone (eSIM)
  • my portable music device (with offline music for running)
  • the key to my house (I can also open my garage door with it)
  • my smart assistant
  • oh…and a watch…

If you had told me in 1990 that in 2020 I would have a device on my wrist that would do all those things I would have freaked out at the thought of it. And it’s here, well, when the Apple Watch 6 is released next week it will be.

So there you have it, 6 reasons to buy an Apple Watch 6.

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