Bose x Volvo: A Match Made in Heaven?

Bose x Volvo: A Match Made in Heaven?

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Bose has just announced its first-ever in-car sound system for Volvo Cars. However, do not expect the in-car sound system to come in gas-powered cars. 

Bose has specifically made its in-car sound system for the all-new and all-electric EX90. After all, electric vehicles (EVs) are the future.

So, what does this collaboration mean for audio enthusiasts and EV owners? Well, one thing that is for sure is that the Volvo Cars are aiming to offer a legendary in-car audio-listening experience with the Bose in-car audio system systems.

Bose x Volvo: A Match Made in Heaven?
Source: Bose

On that note, in case you did not know it yet, Bose has been redefining the in-car audio listening experience for over 40 years. 

It has worked with many major OEMs. But working with Volvo has made the portfolio of Bose heavier than before.

The thing is, this EV ambition that Volvo Cars has taken is one of the most anticipated ambitions yet. A lot of EV enthusiasts are looking forward to it. 

Bose x Volvo: A Match Made in Heaven?
Source: Bose

So, Bose will be able to showcase what it can actually bring with its in-car audio systems with this partnership. But is the EX90 going to be worthy enough to receive the audio specialization of Bose?

We were pretty amazed when the car giant announced the EX90. The car not only came with modern aesthetics but also has class-leading electric vehicle technologies

That, combined with the comfort that Volvo cars can offer and the connectivity features, will surely make the EX90 one of the best electric vehicles.

Bose x Volvo: A Match Made in Heaven?
Source: Bose

Wondering what would be the speaker configuration of the EX90? The EV will come with a 14-speaker Bose sound system

This system has been specially engineered to enhance the in-cabin audio-listening experience of passengers and drivers. In fact, the system will be one of the premium-grade in-car audio systems out there! 

Wondering how? The engineers from Volvo and Bose worked closely on this project. And they have considered the unique interior of the EX90 to customize the sound system accordingly. 

Additionally, the system received the love of Bose’s new software-enabled proprietary tuning approach.

Bose x Volvo: A Match Made in Heaven?
Source: Bose

This Perceptual Sound Rendering (PSR) tuning offers more flexibility and freedom to the system engineers. And those two eventually resulted in a highly precise tuning of the audio performance for every seating position inside the car.

And as Bose took that approach instead of the speaker-by-speaker tuning approach, the engineers could holistically orchestrate the entire system. 

In short, you can expect to get blown away by the audio performance of the EX90. Also, don’t lose hope if you miss the chance to get a first-hand experience with the EX90. 

Volvo will extend the Bose in-car audio system to additional models in the coming years.

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