Samsung is All Set to Fix the Two Biggest Issues of QD-OLED TVs

Samsung QD-OLED TVs

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Currently, there are a lot of criticisms regarding the QD-OLED display tech. But two significant problems are keeping most consumers away from this brand-new TV technology. 

Well, the 2023 TV lineup by Samsung will fix both of them. And eventually, the models might make QD-OLED as popular as OLEDs.

As reported by the industry website FlatPanelsHD, ETNews, a Korean newspaper, claims that the TV lineup of Samsung for the CES expo next month will unveil a broader range of QD-OLED TV sizes. 

Samsung QD-OLED TVs
Source: Samsung

According to the claim, one of them will be the first ever commercially available 77-inch QD-OLED TV.

Now, in case you did not know, we have only seen QD-OLED TVs coming at 55-inch and 65-inch. Both of the sizes were from Sony and Samsung

Other brands did try out the new display tech, but not in the TV department. And if you want a specific name, it would be the 34-inch QD-OLED monitor from Dell.

Samsung QD-OLED TVs
Source: Samsung

However, the lack of a larger display size is not the only complaint that Samsung has heard about QD-OLED tech. Many criticisms revolved around the black levels not being up to the mark. 

And the display giant will solve this issue too! According to the news, Samsung QD-OLED TVs that will be shown off in Las Vegas will feature better overall black levels than their predecessors. 

But how much of a difference do higher black levels make? In short, the darker the black level, the better the quality of the picture. 

Samsung QD-OLED TVs
Source: Samsung

A TV with a higher dark level can significantly increase the visuals. That said, the great part is that Samsung has already started receiving reviews from the people who have checked out the panel. 

Most of them are good, but there are still some criticisms. Those revolve around how the panels’ pixels can suffer from light bleeding from the adjacent pixels and struggle to offer good visuals in brighter rooms. 

Some are also arguing that the black images in brighter viewing environments can seem greyer than usual.

Samsung QD-OLED TVs
Source: Samsung

However, according to the report, Samsung has high confidence in its statements. So, we might actually see a genuine ‘True Black’ trademark in the next-generation models

And this also means that the current OLED panels will surely face heavy competition in the future.

That said, the brand will also unveil a lot of brand-new products at CES 2023. The most important one is the SmartThings ecosystem

It is basically Samsung’s answer to the Apple Smart Home EcoSystem. And that announcement will surely be as exciting as this news about QD-OLED TVs.

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