Cleer Audio Scene: Can It Be the Best Affordable Bluetooth Speaker?

Cleer Audio Scene

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The San Diego audio specialist, Cleer Audio, is about to launch the most affordable portable speaker on the market. The brand is well-known for offering the most wallet-friendly headphones. 

But can they live up to the expectations in terms of Bluetooth speakers? Although the price point of the Cleer Audio Scene is relatively low, it has a lot of things going on. 

First of all, it comes with two 48 mm neodymium drivers. There are two passive radiators present inside the speaker too. 

Cleer Audio Scene
Source: Cleer Audio

And according to Cleer Audio, the speaker is ready to set a new standard for “HiFi quality audio on the move.”

That said, you might recognize the design of the Scene. Well, the design seems familiar because it has the same form factor and blueprint of the Stage. 

That was the first ever speaker of the Cleer Audio that comes with Alexa. However, Stage was not priced as low as the Scene.

Cleer Audio Scene

Nonetheless, like its big brother, the Scene has an IPX7 waterproof rating. It also features a shockproof body, which means you can expect the speaker to last for a prolonged time.

Also, the waterproof rating means it can survive in water for 30 minutes at a 1-meter depth. The battery life of the Cleer Audio Scene is great too. It claims to offer up to 12 hours of runtime with a single charge

That means you won’t have to charge it that frequently. And as it comes with a USB-C port, there will be no need for a dedicated charger for this speaker.

Cleer Audio Scene
Source: Cleer Audio

By looking at the specs, you will also notice that the Cleer Audio Scene comes with Bluetooth 5.0. This indicates that the wireless connections will be highly stable and reliable.

However, there is no mention of robust codecs, such as aptX HD. Maybe this is a corner that Cleer had to cut to keep the price low.

Now, as it does not have such codecs, the sound quality might not be that appealing. However, we hope that the 40 mm full-range drivers can compensate for the lack of robust codecs.

Cleer Audio Scene
Source: Cleer Audio

Other than that, the Scene has the support for handling conference calls. It comes with a noise-canceling and echo-canceling microphone. This microphone will allow you to sound clearer in the calls.

Overall, things are looking pretty good for Cleer Audio Scene. It is tough to get a good Bluetooth speaker at this price point. And if the Scene delivers all its promises, it will be an example of how good cheap portable speakers can be.

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