New Reference Series Subwoofers From REL Out Now!

Rel Reference Series Subwoofers

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REL has just launched two new flagship subwoofers: No. 31 and No. 32. They are from the new Reference Series Subwoofer category of REL. And both of them feature new cabinet execution, functionally elegant components, and good overall outlooks.

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Furthermore, both models have a specific design that will handle the force required from them. Nonetheless, No. 32 retains the design of the curvilinear reference cabinets. 

These cabinets were established over a decade ago. However, the No.32 comes with an updated 15 inches true carbon fiber driver. The driver sports 4 inches of total stroke and boasts a 1000-watt amp.

Rel Reference Series Subwoofers
Source: Rel

On that note, the amp is outfitted with thin film capacitors. You will also find that they offer superior limiting and higher overall gain.

REL has inserted the triple-plated steel handles into ellipses to provide a secure grip. And a secure grip will surely be necessary to handle the No. 32 as it is over 200 pounds.

Inside, the backing plate on the rear side is well over half an inch thick. It also features a contoured design to follow along the inner surface. The contouring also allows it to obtain a solid overall structural integrity. 

Also, the new badge slapped on the No. 32 combines all the materials you will see within the speaker’s design. There is carbon fiber throughout the driver. And REL has inserted it within a cast alloy basket that features proper polishing.

Rel Reference Series Subwoofers
Source: Rel

You will also gain absolute control over the subwoofer. It will come with a hefty remote control with all the controls you will ever need. 

To ensure you get a proper experience while operating the remote, REL has optimized the design of the remote. It will fit gently in the cup of your hands. 

And according to REL, “no detail has been overlooked (for the remote), encouraging the sort of finely detailed decisions necessary to achieve the perfect balance of settings for the ultimate user experience.”

Nonetheless, the No. 31 is “sculpted from the flanks of the No.32.” However, it features a newly developed 12 inches all-carbon-fiber driver. Each part of the No. 31 has been upgraded comprehensively. And all the parts are refined from the predecessor.

Rel Reference Series Subwoofers
Source: Rel

For that reason, No. 31 is well capable of delivering all that the classic Reference filter can offer, but with the same dual parametric filters. 

This classic filter is on No. 32. Additionally, the No. 31 is more compact than No. 32. and although it has a small footprint, what it can offer makes it genuinely reside in the premium space of subwoofers.

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