Roon is Getting an Update, and It’s a Big One!

Roon is Getting an Update

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The streaming and music management platform Roon is all prepped up to get its major update. This update will take the platform to a new level, which will make it get the 2.0 status. 

And according to many, this is the most significant innovative upgrade that a streaming and management platform has ever seen.

The upgrade will come with the brand new Roon ARC app. This app will enable you to listen to your entire library on your phone. 

Roon is Getting an Update
Source: Roon Labs

So, what does that mean for you? Relying on the tracks available on the current streaming services will no longer be necessary.

But the most important part of the upgrade is that the Roon ARC app will be free to all subscribers. Both iOS and Android app stores will have the app, which means all subscribers will have proper access to it. 

The app also allows the users to remote access the tracks by album, tag, artist, or playlist. That means you will be capable of quickly finding the exact music you are looking for.

Roon is Getting an Update
Source: Roon Labs

The thing is, a lot of music listeners stash their rare collection of music that they usually do not find on streaming services such as Apple Music and Spotify

And with the new update, these listeners will have much better access to this rare collection of tracks.

Furthermore, the app serves all the rich metadata of Roon to your phone. For that reason, you will be capable of accessing albums, song credits, albums, linear notes, Roon Radio, daily mixes, and new releases quicker than usual.

Roon is Getting an Update
Source: Roon Labs

In addition to that, the app links seamlessly with Qobuz and Tidal streaming services. Therefore, you will not need to get out of the Roon ARC app just to listen to hi-res tracks found on those streaming platforms, expecially on your streaming HiFi.

Thanks to signal path optimization, the Roon ARC will even excel in offering you the best sound quality regardless of the mobile device you are listening to. 

And you will have the option to go deep into this optimization if you want to. By getting into the ‘Signal Path’ tab, you can see how the signals travel from the source media to your headphones.

Roon is Getting an Update
Source: Roon Labs

You will have the option to download tracks for offline listening as well. Thanks to that, listening to your favorite tracks when there is no internet connection will be a hassle-free task

And the best thing is that all the files will be in their original format instead of getting compressed. So, downloaded songs will sound as good as their streamed version.

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