The Friend Activity Feature of Spotify Will Not Be Desktop-Exclusive Anymore!


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If you have never tuned into the Spotify app or browser player on the desktop, you probably do not know that there is a community feature called “Friend Activity.” 

Basically, the feature allows you to check what your Spotify friends have been listening to. And if you have Facebook integrated into your Spotify account, the sidebar will show you all the music your Facebook friends are streaming at the moment.

Source: Spotify

However, that feature was exclusive to the desktop app only. No matter what you did, checking what your friends were vibing to on the iOS and Android apps were impossible. But that will change with the latest update. And it seems like the feature is just around the horizon.

The feature was spotted by Chris Messina, an all-around tech icon and Hashtag inventor, on Spotify mobile. However, the “Community” tab for mobile devices will offer more than just the info about what your friends are listening to. 

According to Chris Messina, you can see Friend Activity, display what music your Facebook contacts and friends are listening to, and see what playlists your friends have updated recently.

Source: Spotify

That said, the Community tab is not just limited to music. You can even see the podcast activities of your friends. So, what will this information mean to you? 

You can finally check whether your friends are listening to the music you have suggested or not! You can also know what artists your friends are into lately, which is an excellent way of finding new songs on Spotify.

Basically, Spotify is bringing some social activity into the streaming service with the inclusion of the community. Before the “Community” tab, you really could not interact with your friends and closed ones with Spotify. But when the update really rolls out, you can!

In fact, there is no need to wait for the update to roll into your Spotify mobile app officially. With an iPhone or iPad, you can have a mooch around and get a glimpse of the feature. You just need to get into your Safari and write “spotify:community” in the address bar. 

That will lead you to the community tab and allow you to see your friends’ activities. However, as the feature is not officially out yet, the tab might have some bugs in it.

Source: Spotify

Nonetheless, this “community” update will go hand in hand with the recent addition of “Blends,” which lets users cook up new playlists with their friends. And the playlist allowed the user to discover new music through the musical tastes of their buddies.

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