Meet the Yamaha YH-5000SE: A Pair of High-End Planar Magnetic Headphones

Yamaha YH-5000SE

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For the past three decades, there has not been much of a headphone release from Yamaha. Well, it seems like the brand was waiting to combine their “orthodynamic” drivers with cutting-edge tech and wrap it all up with luxurious materials.

And things like that take time. As you might have guessed, the Yamaha YH-5000SE does not come cheap. But the price is well-justified, especially considering that Japanese craftsmen build them.

However, the manufacturing process is only one high-end thing about the planar magnetic headphones. The build quality is premium too. 

Yamaha YH-5000SE
Source: Yamaha

The YH-5000SE comes with a magnesium body, making them “one of the lightest, high-end headphones in the world.” The weight is just 320 grams!

In addition to that, the planar magnetic drivers from Yamaha promise to provide exceptionally accurate sonics. And it aims to offer that “without the slightest bit of distortion.” 

Now, that is a bold claim coming from a magnetic planar headphone. However, the claims from Yamaha are not taken lightly because their driver’s diaphragm has a superior responsive nature. 

Yamaha YH-5000SE
Source: Yamaha

According to the brand, the diaphragm is “significantly lighter” than dynamic drivers. You should also note that the development of YH-5000SE started back in 2016. 

Over the course of six years, the engineers of Yamaha were trailing 1000 different diaphragms. And now, the team has finally found the one they have been looking for.

That said, the sound is not the only priority of the Yamaha YH-5000SE. The team has put equal effort into the headphones’ comfort. You will find a two-layer headband on the YH-5000SE. They evenly distribute the load on the head.

Yamaha YH-5000SE
Source: Yamaha

Furthermore, the headbands utilize smooth and step-less sliders to allow the users to make adjustments. The housings on the YH-5000SE are of newly developed stainless steel, which is Japanese-made.

Alongside that, the headphones come with an open-back design, which aims to lower sound reflections. Also, two different types of ear pads are available for the headphone. Depending on your preference, you can choose the suede or synthetic leather material.

The package will also come with two types of silver-coated cables. One of them is 4.4 mm, while the other is 3.5 mm. You will also find a stand that will allow you to store your headphones correctly.

Yamaha YH-5000SE
Source: Yamaha

Do not find yourself using 3.5 mm or 4.4 mm cables. No need to worry; Yamaha also offers an optional XLR cable, the HXC-SC020. But do note that getting that will cost a good amount of money.

That said, the SE (Special Edition) in the YH-5000SE probably suggests that there will be a step-down version of these planar magnetic headphones. 

This has been confirmed in Australia, where the headphone came without the additional accessories of the Special Edition. So, if you find the price steep, you should wait for the non-SE version.

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